Over-The-Air Solutions


CordCutter TV stick is an Over-the-Air (OTA) streaming solution, allowing smart phones, tablets and media player video devices access to free TV broadcast content.  As the cord cutter phenomenon continues to grow, consumers increasingly use their smart mobile devices and media player devices as a method to view content.  As consumers look for alternative ways to access free video content, there is a dire need for an inexpensive and simple streaming solution to provide free TV to smart mobile and media player devices in the home. 

ViXS’ CordCutterTV stick solution meets these needs, with the XCode 5505 as the engine for this solution, it delivers a precedent setting, low cost, low power, small form factor solution to stream free Over-the-Air (OTA) content easily, seamlessly, and reliably to your smart mobile and media player devices.

CordCutter TV DUAL

The CordCutter TV Dual is based on the XCode 5516, including dual tuner and streaming support.  This Dual OTA streamer solution has been designed to be cost effective and includes built-in real-time hardware dual transcoding which is critical for delivering high quality OTA video services. The CordCutter TV Dual product includes a sleek small form factor enclosure with a standard Antenna RF connector, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, micro SD card and external USB connectors for external storage options.