ViXS Patent Portfolio

    The ViXS patent portfolio was developed by an experienced engineering team drawn from leading companies such as ATI, Freescale, Motorola and Genesis.  Since 2001, ViXS has been recognized as an industry leader and innovator in solving video streaming challenges as this technology emerged into the marketplace.  Building a strong patent portfolio to protect its innovation has been a priority throughout the Company’s history, resulting in 375 issued patents and 108 pending applications.

    The ViXS patent portfolio is positioned for enforcement.  The Company is an operating entity with a long history of innovation and a legitimate interest in pursuing enforcement to acquire market recognition (market cap) for its intellectual property value.  Several of its patent families have been litigation tested and the ViXS portfolio remains remarkably unencumbered by licensing obligations.

    Over the last two years ViXS undertook an assessment of its patent portfolio for monetization opportunities.  Working with leading experts, it began by mining its patents for value drivers.  Multiple professionals’ viewpoints were gathered for initial candidate identification, followed by Evidence of Use analysis on some of the most promising cases.  Overall the analysis indicated better than expected results, confirming the high quality of the Company’s portfolio.  In particular, value drivers were identified in the areas of home hub/set top box, video transcoding and WiFi.  In addition, other potential value drivers (including in the field of video streaming) were identified for future qualification and refinement.

    The portfolio assessment was followed in late 2015 by a general valuation assessment that was completed by Black Stone IP, LLC.  Based on a discounted cash flow derived from a “relief from royalty” approach (and testing results against per-patent values from precedent patent sales), Black Stone estimated the range of value for the ViXS patent portfolio to be between $43 Million and $109 Million USD.

Strong, Valuable Intellectual Property Position

    Patents (Jan 31, 2017) – Total 483

    • US Issued/Allowed – 221; Pending - 47
    • Rest of World Issued/Allowed - 154; Pending – 61
    ** Valuation work done by Black Stone IP, LLC, in 2Q/3Q 2015; 7 year DCF simulation model, based on  “relief from royalty” approach

    For more information on this work, please read the press release on this topic, or click here to contact our team