The Gold Standard In Decoders

ViXS was an integral part in generating 4K Ultra HD HEVC/H.265 as a standard, and from this leadership position, we became the go-to solution for decoders in the industry. ViXS decoder technology has been used since NAB 2014 as the decoder of choice for the broadcast market, below are some of the industry leaders using our technology.

The Golden Reference Decoder (GRD) has become "the industry tool", designed and developed for equipment manufacturers, content creators, broadcasters, distributors and more, allowing these users to test their content, their infrastructure, monitor, and demonstrate 4K Ultra HD video to their customers and others in the broadcast eco-system.



The latest release of the Golden Reference Decoder:

  • Announced at NAB 2016
  • Supports HDMI2.0b, HDR support (HDR10, HLG)
  • 12-bit content
  • Low power


Second generation building on first generation successes, with new features added:

  • Released at NAB 2015
  • Support for HDMI2.0, 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second and 10-bit content
  • In 2016, software upgrade for HDR10 content


The original design

  • Released following NAB 2014
  • Support for HDMI1.4
    • 4K Ultra HD p30, 10-bit, or
    • 4K Ultra HD p60 8-bit

This product is no longer available


For developers to design, modify and manufacture custom decoder solutions based on the latest ViXS technology